Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall parties

We had some fun fall parties at our school...
Mother's Day Out went to The Pumpkin Patch. Here are my 4-5 year olds. I think they had fun and I think this is such a cute picture!
Here is Pax class... This picture is hilarious!! I don't think they knew what to think...

Weston, Riley, Jace, Grayson, Paxton, and mrs. Angie.
LOVE this picture of my little man!!
Paxton and I went to Piper's party. Paxton SCREAMED for a sucker. Mrs. Efurd is so good and so understanding. She gave him a sucker after his screaming fit. He sat beside Piper, ate a ton of her food. She is so good that she just gives it to him. At one point he was running with his sucker in his mouth and it ended up getting stuck in his hair... Then he ran out the door and made it to the cafeteria before his sister could get to him.... Piper loved us being there and I am so glad we got to check her out in her classroom. Love this sweet girl!
Happy Fall yall!!

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