Monday, October 13, 2014

Wild things farm 2014 part 1

We went to the Wild Things Farm with the Oaks' and the Jones' on Sunday. Paxton started running a fever at church so we gave him tylenol and thought we would just see how he acted. You never would have known he was sick. That boy loved it so much. Piper had fun with her sweet friends! We love these families so much!
This little guy LOVED the hay ride because of the tractor. He was so amazed!
Then we hit the big slide! All the kids loved this!
My big kid too! ;)
Beau and Justin took the bigger kids through the very muddy corn maze. The bigger 3 girls got lost because they took off away from Beau. Zoie made it out before Beau. Piper & Mackenzie got a little scared. Piper told us she knew that God was with them and she prayed and He got them out. She kept saying it was a miracle!
These wild boys didn't go through the corn maze but they got plenty muddy. Especially Mason since he fell in a big mud puddle.
Beau shootin' some corn.
They had  a huge bounce around this year! SO fun!

Another post to come. They had so much to do this year!

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