Friday, October 24, 2014

School update

One fourth of our school year is over and it is going great!
Piper is flying through first grade like it's nothing, Paxton is loving Mother's Day Out, and I am loving teaching!
Pax is putting mulch in Jessica's hair.
My sweet class!!
Lunch with sister!
We pray on the way to school.
Spirit week!!
Mustache Monday
Team Tuesday! Paxton and I participated as well.
Western Wednesday
Tacky Thursday... 
Piper and her friend Rylee.
Bulldog Friday! 
After school Pax loves coming down to "mama's class".
One of Piper's AR books on Owl's.  She has met her 1st AR goal and is doing great on the next one.
My Fall bulletin board.
We got to see a firetruck my sweet class loved it!
I snuck Pax out of his class because I knew he would love it!

We had Piper's parent/teacher conference yesterday and we are so proud!! She had a 102, a 99, and the rest were 100's on her progress report. She is also reading at a 3rd grade level. Mrs. Efurd also told us that she gives her harder math problems than anyone else and Piper just gets it. We are beyond amazed! This girl is a hard worker.
They have different jobs at school. Piper's is to read the lunch menu out loud. Mrs. Efurd has helped Piper out so much with her being so shy! Piper even sang a funny song to her class on her birthday. I couldn't believe my shy Piper did that. Piper also has a job to help some of the kids pronounce words when they are reading if they need help.
Paxton loves Mrs. Jessica and Mrs. Angela. Everyday in the car I tell him how much I miss him. He will tell me everyone's names including his teachers. He does great until he sees me then he throws a big fit. When we are outside I am holding him the whole time. I don't mind it at all. :)

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