Monday, September 22, 2014

weekend fun & Hog game for Beau.

This last weekend after celebrating Pax'a birthday, Piper stayed the night with Mackenzie. They were both so excited!
The next morning Beau and Paxton watched the old Ninja Turtles movie.  Beau really loves having a son!
Then we went to Kiptyn's birthday party.
Beau went to the razorback game.

I cleaned Piper'a room and we watched movies. Paxton got in to the windex and sprayed the whole house! I also watched my Sooner'a whip up on West Virginia!  
Such a sweet picture of some of the men serving in the nursery. Paxton and his friend Beckett are in the oicture.
We had lunch with Justin, Hayle, Cora, and the kids! It seriously was like a circus in there!  
Beau's mom came by to give the kids their birthday presents since she won't get to be at the party. She is going to stay with her mom in Tennessee. The sister's are rotating.
The weekend ended with some FaceTime with these cuties!

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