Thursday, September 4, 2014

This girl

My baby girl is getting SO big!!
We have a rule that we have to read God's word before breakfast.
Mimi has taught Piper how to sew. She is doing awesome!!
Piper wanted bangs like mommy!! 

She's been reading this summer. 
We have been reading through the book of James & Piper has gotten to read too.
She has enjoyed playing with her toys this summer. She can stay in her room forever just playing... I will miss when she doesn't want to play with toys. 
She got a new mani/pedi kit from her grandma & wanted to give each other mani/pedi's. This girls love language is quality & she loved doing this with me. We were pretending we had our own shop.
This is what Piper drew to describe our family...
Top left: Beau playing football on his playstation.
Top right: Paxton loves airplanes.
Bottom left: mommy grocery shopping. (nice)
Bottom right: Piper's art easel. 
She lost her other top tooth which now makes her a snaggle tooth & that makes 5 lost teeth!!
All princess' go to sleep with their tiarra on top of their head!
Went for a walk in the neighborhood. Piper made sure to get dressed. #misspriss

I love this smart, sweet hearted, beautiful girl!!!! Sad she is back in school!!!

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