Monday, September 1, 2014

This boy

Paxton loves to smile for pictures.... He says "cheese"....His smile melts my heart! <3
He loves shoes! You leave shoes out & he will wear them.
He definitely has a big sister & likes to get into her things.
He is not great in the car.... He can throw some good fits!
He is really into books. He goes through this book and tells you all the things in it. Smart boy! He really loves to bring it to his sister, sit on her lap, & show her the things in it.
I want to eat him up when he sleeps...
He's not a morning person..
He likes to make messes when he eats...
....and he likes to show you his big muscles!
If you don't feed him fast enough he will feed himself and get it all over you & him!
He loves baths and likes to splash & make a mess.
He loves to vacuum, mop, & sweep.
"Isn't sister's lalaloopsy horse for me to ride on too??"
He is not a tv watcher but I caught him one day. I don't want my kids watching too much tv but sometimes it would be nice if he watched it a little. 

His sister likes to dress him up & he will dislike me one day for this....
He likes to climb atop his sister's bike.

Have I mentioned how he likes attention & he likes to make people laugh?
HE CLIMBS ON EVERYTHING!!!! Something I have figured out about wild boys. CLIMBERS!!
Cars in the window.
Trying to lick the ice cream bowl.
Big time shoe lover! Gets that from his sister & she may get that from me.....

Once again... Making us laugh. He has an awesome personality! He thought it was so funny he had two hats on.

He loves candy crush. He will say Ipod & Crush.
Landon's ninja mask...
When Beau mows the yard, Paxton seriously stays at the window and stares the whole time. His grandma got him this mower & he thinks he is big stuff mowing!
Can't get much more bad to the bone than this... a mohawk & a skull diaper!
More perks of having a big sis :/ (I'm sorry Pax)
The bathroom is soaked during bathtime!
We had a LOUD thunderstorm which woke Paxton up. I put him on my bed & walked out & as I did in thundered so loud & Paxton started screaming. I just held him and snuggled with him and just thanked God as I was reminded at how much I prayed for this boy & what a blessing he is! God didn't have to answer our prayers to be an awesome God but he did answer this one & I will never forget how much I prayed for him.
I ask Paxton if he is my baby. He says he is my baby, my angel, & my love!
Dude is WiLd, stubborn, funny, so sweet, & just strait up perfect! Love his sweet smile & big blue eyes!

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