Saturday, September 27, 2014


Juse a typical day in the life with Paxton Asher.
Big helpers holding the door's open at church.
Paxton loves to clean. He wastes so many wipes cleaning. He will clean something real good, wipe his face real good, then clean some more. Gross! I love him!
Piper went to Brooklyn's 7th birthday party!
My adorable husband sent me a picture while he was getting soaked in the rain. I love him!
One Saturday when we did absolutely nothing, Piper and I were a little pumped about fall. We got Halloween decorations out!
We had a girls night at Bell Park. We put the kids to bed, got ice cream, and just fellowshiped. Love these girls!
Me, Cora, Holly, and Trinka.

Pax LOVES to watch Beau mow. I always raise the blinds and he is parked right there watching.
Sis reading her devotional.
Me & the kids voted YES to build a new freshman center. Our school is growing for a reason and I set in a long pick up line after school.
Fun play date! We dread when these wild boys become teenagers but we can't wait to see the godly men they turn out to be.

Piper lost tooth # 6! I think this officially made her a snaggle tooth!
The kids really wanted to sleep together. We decided to try it on a weekend. After making Paxton quit throwing his monkey off his bed for his sister to get he did pretty good. Piper loved sleeping with her brother.
Outside fun!
Just another night hanging out with Mason and Mackenzie!
Amazing! The wonderful children of FBC! I love when Broter Ronnie said that if Jesus was there, he would probably be right there in the middle of them.
Another movie night!
Chic fila fun with Mason!
Paxton always helps himself to the pantry. We told him to put the marshmallow's up and he hid behind the couch and was eating them.
Gourd's anyone???
Daddy's mowing again!
Piper got another check up. Still no cavities! Woo hoo! But Dr. Tim did already say she will need braces. Upper laterals that are not in are turned..
Christi just looked in Pax's mouth. Looks good bit molars are coming in!
Mama got her hair did!
Pax was screaming one night ( bc of those molars) and ended up in bed with mom and dad!
Love this! My family loves Honeycrisp apples!
Church playground fun!

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