Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paxton's 2nd birthday!

My baby turned 2! Thursday morning we took muffins to Paxton's MDO class. Aren't they precious!! Paxton loves all his friends!
Friday morning on his birthday he got his birthday pancake which he did not eat. He ate his bananas and bacon. Happy birthday sweet angel!!
Then the greatest friend in the whole wide world brought him some m&m's and a balloon! He kept saying "Coras". 
We played outside because it was BEAUTIFUL!
He is trying to show me he is 2!
Daddy got home & it was time for gifts! He loved his little tractor the most. Bedtime & naptime have been rough because he thinks he is sleeping with his tractor so it's been a fight!
Cora & the kids & Nicole, Hank, & Landon came over. Cora was holding Pax up as we sang happy birthday!
We watched "Frozen" and the girls were in front singing the whole time.
Happy birthday to my most favorite little boy ever!!!! We love you SO much!!

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