Thursday, October 2, 2014

Check up's

The kids had their yearly check-ups. They both had to get a Hep A shot. Piper was so terrible! Paxton did good for the shot. 
Afterward we went to Blazin' Burrito for lunch. MMMMM!
There was a cute mannequin and one with it's nose smashed against the window. 
Piper Annabeth weighs 48 lbs 45th % length was
Wears size 6/7 clothes, size 12/13 shoes. 
She is such a smart, sweet girl!
She loves Frozen, Lalaloopsy's, art, TY beanie babies, and sweets.
She is a great reader & does excellent in school. She loves school.
She has a bit of a mouth on her (not sure where she gets that from). Doesn't quite know when to shut it.
That girl has such a sweetheart & we think she has a gift of prayer.
We know the Lord will use her strong-willed, stubborn spirit for His good!
Piper likes to dress up, draw, paint, she loves owls and she loves spending time with people.
She is an amazing big sister! One day Paxton cried when we put him to bed and she went in to comfort him and tell him everything was okay. Then she gave him her giraffe Ty beanie to sleep with. "Twigs". The next morning he said "Twigs" and handed it back to her.
She likes to draw pictures for people. 
movie: Frozen
sports: Softball
book: Her book about birds
food: Mac n cheese
dessert: red velvet cupcakes
holiday: definitely Christmas
season: Fall
best friends: Daisy, Jocilin H., Rylee, and Mackenzie O., Brooklyn
subject in school: Science

Paxton Asher weighed 28.4 lbs 45th % length 34 1/2 60th %
Shoe size: 6
Diaper size: 4
Clothes size: 24 months
This boy is SO wild!
He is such a sweet boy but he is so needy! He follows me around most evenings just crying. It stresses me out and sometimes I don't know what to do.
He loves playing football. He will say "down, set, hut," run through the house and say "touchdown."
He's a daddy's boy! When it's almost time for Beau to be home he sets at the window saying "daddy's truck".
Loves his sissy too. When it's time to eat he will yell "Piper, eat. Sissy, eat." He gets so excited to see her.
He loves when I "eat him up", on his sweet little neck. He will say "Eat ya up?
I tell him he's my love, my baby, and my angel. He finishes my sentences for me know.
He will say it's "mama's house" and it's "daddy's truck".
He is a big helper. He likes to waste a lot of wipes to wipe things down. When I am vacuuming he is right behind me making his noise with his vacuum. He does the same thing when I sweep.
He likes to act like he's leaving and say "bye bye. Love you."

His favorite toys are: cars, airplanes, trains, trucks, tractors,
T.V. shows or movies: Cars, Frozen, Places, & Monsters
Food: chicken, green beans, bananas, chips, apples, yogurt,
He loves to be sung to. He'll say "song" to get you to keep singing.
He likes to point out body parts: eyes, nose, tiny hiney, etc...
He also likes to climb and destroy things.
He likes to bring me things to eat out of the pantry.

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