Friday, September 5, 2014


Went to a preschool workshop with some of the MDO staff. So exciting! Wendy & I took a cooking with preschooler's class & we had a bright idea that we would make the chef hats. Bad idea! We basically got made fun of but it was quite funny!

How many cute blonde boys can fit in one pink barbie car??
We had to get away when dad was on his fishing trip. Target it was & Paxton was introduced to the icee. We have put it off as long as we could. He was in love just like his sister was.
Carson, Piper, Sullivan, Paige, & Paxton one day after church caught them just sitting there. This obviously didn't last long. I love Sullivan patting Paxton's back.
Piggy back rides from sissy! (eeek!)
Found a turtle in the back yard...
My cute kids before church...
Mason falls asleep when we go for a walk!
Beau snagged this picture of Paxton & Elisha!
Piper & papa Mack doing some mowing...
A real life picture... I love these 3...
Love these two boys! They are always up to no good. I am curious to see what they get into as they grow up.
Loving my days with Pax although I cannot keep up with him. When I am cleaning something, he is destroying something else. :/ 
We like to go for walks. He has to have shoes on. He grabbed the ones that were closest to him which were sisters. So funny!

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