Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rock the River 2014

Beau got tickets from a contact for Rock the River. We didn't realize one of our first concerts was 10 years ago, the very first rock the river that was when we first started dating. We do remember Skillet being there. I remember Beau being so excited to take me because he loved Skillet!
One of mine & Beau's favorite groups & the second time we have seen them in concert. Manic Drive.

We really liked Manifest. He reminded us of a combination of Vanilla Ice & Eminem. He could get after it! For the Lord though of course.

Shawn McDonald: loved!

Disciple: They were hard core rockers! Beau loved it but I was worn out just watching them. They are great though!

Building 4:29

We got to meet Michael from Manic Drive & we had just missed Shawn. Beau made sure to tell him that I though he looked like Robert Downey Jr. Not in this picture...
But definitely in this picture!

Fun date! Glad we found seats in the back so we didn't have to stand the whole time. I am old!

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