Friday, August 1, 2014


When Cora, Cassen, & I got to go out Cora's sister Kaci kept the kids. She painted the girls nails. :)

Red, White, & Blue for the Ames' family!
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
When we didn't have the kids, me, Cora, Jacque, & Holly got to go out on a fun day! It was awesome! We had lunch & did some shopping.
Me & the kids like to go to the walking trail.
Little fairy & football player.
Beau had his yearly SSR dinner & got the award for most growth. So proud of him. Cintas' really is lucky to have him.

Did some bowling. I probably bowled my highest score ever.  It is a lot of work when you have a wild little man with you. I forgot how hard it was last time. He likes to push the buttons, throw balls out, get in the way, & throw fits. It was fun though. :)
More fun on the walking trail... Some days we have to get out of the house or the kids will make me crazy!
Me & the kids went to Chic 'fila! Paxton stayed at the top so it took us forever to leave! As soon as he came down the slide, he said "slide", & I said "let's go home." He tried to take off but I leaped into the slide & caught him. Piper is a good big sister & watched over him the whole time & tried to get him to come down.
We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather for July! Breakfast & chalk outside.
We have been watching lots of Big Brother with the Oaks'. The kids provide some great entertainment for us! Paxton was being so funny this night. He kept climbing on Dustin & kept trying to do flips in the floor. He also had some karate moves I had no idea he had....
Mini golf!! Pax had to hit at every hole. He loved it! Piper did great & we found out she is as competitive as her mom! :/
Beau won so I told him I threw the score sheet away. He went back to the trash & dug in it. He looked at me sitting in the car & I was holding the score sheet. lol! I got him! I'm a stinker!
My beauty's before church!
While Chad & Jessica were out of town we fed their rabbits for them. We also jumped on their trampoline & Beau went right through it. :) We were laughing so hard & then I made Beau call Chad to tell him. They laughed! Thankfully for us there was a storm that week & ruined a bunch of peoples trampolines so we got the top off of one of them for Chad & Jessica...
This is about the only time I get good love from him... Early in the morning...
Dad & Piper did their search for lighting bugs... So fun!
We went to sweet Jaycee's birthday party...
Piper reading to Paxton in his extremely messy room! Have I mentioned how awesome of a sister she is??
Strawberry shortcakes!! MMM!!!
A little Firehouse subs!
Beau & I introduced the kids to "The Great Outdoors." That's a classic!! "Uncle Buck" is next...
This month has FLOWN by!!!!

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