Friday, August 8, 2014

Eye update

Well after waiting 2 months we finally got in to see a different dr. for Piper's eyes. Piper was referred to a dr. that specializes in a weak eye.
This appointment was somewhat emotional for me. After spending the summer doing eye therapy with an eye patch this dr. told us that it really isn't efficient. Do you know how hard it is to be consistent with your child trying to get them to wear a patch for 2 hours everyday? She was a trooper though. The dr. also told me that Piper should have been checked a lot earlier. FYI: I didn't know this... She also informed me that if anything ever happened to her good eye that she would never drive. Great. Also Paxton needs to be checked ASAP. He needs to have his eyes dilated & checked. Oh that's going to be so much fun. He's going to flip. What I understood was this problem will never be fixed and that it's not a weak eye. It's a problem in the brain. Oh so something is wrong with my child. As I waited in the waiting room for her eyes to dilate I just cried. We are going to do a different therapy where we put surgical tape on the glass of her good eye (on the glasses). We are going to try & get the brain to learn to focus & see with that eye because at some point in time it quit. But this is hereditary. The dr. also wants to put her in contacts. In two months she will go back & have several different tests ran.  The dr. gave me paper work on two different things that Piper has... A Strabismus (esotropia- eye turns in...hers does not) & Amblyopia. So it's freaked me out reading about that. Oh & let me not forget to mention how excited I was with the fact that it is now medical so our insurance will cover it with a slap in the face of there is a $500 deductible along with the $160 from the last appointment. I left feeling so discouraged. I don't know how I feel about this dr. We are just going to continue to pray & like I keep reminding Piper, I have to remind myself. There is a reason she is going through this. I am so proud of how well she is taking it. I do know if this is the worst that happens to her then that will be a blessing. I just feel weak & I never want my kids to hurt. Praying for peace, strength, & guidance through it all. I cried and prayed all day that day & tried to act like nothing was wrong in front of Piper. The last thing I want is for Piper to think there is something wrong with her.

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