Monday, August 18, 2014

Daddy's week off!

Beau picked a perfect week to take off work. He was off the week before school started. We seriously had the best time staying close to home. Beau said he really felt rested too. That makes me happy! 
We swam with the Lowe boys one day.

We had some fun playing games.

We also rented the 3 Mighty Duck movies & watched them throughout the week along with our 6 mile hike that I posted. We went to Pete & Kathleen's in Clarksville & stayed a night with them. Piper & Kathleen did some crocheting & painting. Piper loves that stuff.
Kathleen & I beat Pete & Beau in washers. We may or may not have rubbed it in...
Beau & Pete also went to The University of the Ozarks where he teaches. Pete showed him around.
What a fantastic week with my fantastic husband!! We enjoyed him so much!!

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