Monday, August 4, 2014

Camping in our front yard!

We picked a perfect night to camp in our front yard! The weather was great! Our awesome friends, the Oaks' family surprised us for a visit. We had smores, the girls played in the tent, & the guys started the fire. Paxton pulled a shelf on top of him that I had sitting outside to get rid of. It had a flower pot on it. I was so scared! I ran & we pulled the shelf off him & my broken flower put on top of him. He had dirt all over him so he had to get a bath. He screamed the whole time until he pee'd in the water. Little turd! He had a few bumps on his head but praise the Lord he is okay. I am still thanking God! As I was bathing Paxton, Mason pinched his finger in Piper's scooter & had to have a band aid. Poor boys! It's a good thing they are so tuff!
Blaming this on the boys! Marshmellows ALL OVER!
Cora kept giving Paxton chocolate that night because she just couldn't tell him no. :) I had to take it away & Paxton kept yelling "chocolate". He was so hyped up that night it took him forever to go to bed. He crawled on his sister's head as she was already asleep & yelled "crush" because I was playing candy crush on my phone. He finally gave in & fell asleep. Then Beau was snoring all night & I needed a stick to poke him so he would roll over. I also was worried about Paxton all night because I was afraid he would get cold. He doesn't stay under covers. Piper kept rolling into my cot & bumping her head. But hey, it was fun & totally worth it. Great memories with my family!

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