Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lysa Terkeurst

My beautiful friend Cora turned 26! She asked me if I wanted to go see Lysa Terkeurst with her for her birthday. ABSOLUTELY! I am so thankful for this girl! She is such a great friend to me & we have so much fun together.

We were so excited to get our picture with Lysa & her conference was of course amazing! Thank you so much Cora! Happy birthday sweet friend!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rock the River 2014

Beau got tickets from a contact for Rock the River. We didn't realize one of our first concerts was 10 years ago, the very first rock the river that was when we first started dating. We do remember Skillet being there. I remember Beau being so excited to take me because he loved Skillet!
One of mine & Beau's favorite groups & the second time we have seen them in concert. Manic Drive.

We really liked Manifest. He reminded us of a combination of Vanilla Ice & Eminem. He could get after it! For the Lord though of course.

Shawn McDonald: loved!

Disciple: They were hard core rockers! Beau loved it but I was worn out just watching them. They are great though!

Building 4:29

We got to meet Michael from Manic Drive & we had just missed Shawn. Beau made sure to tell him that I though he looked like Robert Downey Jr. Not in this picture...
But definitely in this picture!

Fun date! Glad we found seats in the back so we didn't have to stand the whole time. I am old!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fair fun! 2014

We had so much fun at the fair this year... We met up with some of our friends...
We looked like a circus walking through! :) Checking out the animals...

Paxton, Landon, Piper, Mackenzie, Zoie, Mason, & Beau. We were missing Tinley & Kypton & two kiddos in their mama's bellies. :)

LOVE this picture of Piper, Mackenzie, & Zoie!!!

Paxton rode the Lady bugs!

Paxton went through this fun house then as the girls were trying to get him out he walked back in. He ended up staying in their & Zoie picked him up & carried him back out. So funny! Watch out for the wild child!! You never know what he will get himself into!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

1st days... School & Mother's Day Out!

My big girl has started 1st grade! She was super excited! We have mrs. Efurd this year. We are excited to see how it turns out. We don't request teachers because we feel like the Lord knows the best place for them. We just pray about it. ;)

I had my sweet friend Cora monogram bags for Piper & Paxton! Love how they both turned out!

We are so excited that Rylee is at Westwood this year! They are not in the same class but they will get to play together. Cute girls in their glasses!

Paxton & I have started Mother's Day Out! He did AMAZING! They said he even slept great on his nap mat. He also made friends with a sweet boy name Jase.

What a blessing to have Jessica & Angela as his teachers!

Daisy & Piper didn't get to go the 2nd day so they went to MDO with us.

Jessica sent me a few pictures.

When Paxton see's this picture he says "Jase"...
We went to Cora's after school to celebrate the 1st day of school! It was a success all the way around!
I am LOVING Mother's Day Out! I have 11 wonderful 4 & 5 year olds.
I made these for my kids on Open House. So fun!
My bulletin board! So fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special day for Piper & Mommy!

So it has been 10 years ago since I gave my life to the Lord. I was 20 & Beau & I had just started dating. I do not like attention and was scared to tell many people. I never went through with baptism. Last November Piper shared with her daddy & me how she had given her life to the Lord. Sunday we went together & got baptised. It was the most precious memory! I am grateful we got to do this together. I love this girl so much & i'm so thankful she has the Lord! Thankful for my salvation too. I couldn't imagine a life without him.

The funniest thing.... After I got back up, Piper ducked down under the water and popped back up. We were all laughing. I asked Piper why she did that & she said she was just excited. I love it!
Afterwards we all played in the water & the water really felt great!

Thankful for my sweet friends that were there! I was just missing Jacque & I think she had left. :( Thankful for all of you!!
My brother & his family were there! :)

Thank you Lord for my family!! I wouldn't want anyone else as my husband & two kids!!!
THANK YOU JESUS for this day!