Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Slumber party fun!

A sleep over was on our summer to do list so we decided last minute to call a few friends. Piper was so excited! Beau & I thought we wouldn't get any sleep and that Paxton would keep getting woke up. He never woke up at all. The girls laid down when it was time for a movie & did great!
Daisy, Piper, Jocilin, & Prairie....with a photo bomb by dad...

Pillow fights!!!!  I so wanted to make them stop because I worry about someone getting hurt but they all were loving it so I let them. Just told them to be careful... 
Then I made them some breakfast...
Paxton had breakfast with his cow..
Then he watched his daddy mow.
First slumber party was a success. Last minute was the best. No need in putting too much thought into it which is what I tend to do... Just do it!

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