Thursday, July 31, 2014

mom & the kids to Antlers...

We have been so busy this summer we didn't know when we would get to go to Antlers.... We had a few days so me & the kids took off.. As much as I get tired of driving there the view is amazing!!
You always gotta go to the deer park. :)

Paxton thinks he is so big. Don't worry it was just from one house to the other...

We talk about how Paxton is not a good eater. It makes me crazy but this boy can go to town on some chips, beans, & rice... He made such a mess.... He had beans all over. We tried to put a napkin as a bib but he kept pulling it off. He would just wipe his hands on his shirt. He has to use a fork & of course it would fall off.  Messy but way cute!!

Mimi & Piper!

We always gotta play games!!!

Because i'm all healthy & we were just ready to get back, the kids had chips for lunch. Paxton had it all over him & he was not letting go of the bag as he fell asleep.
Glad we finally got to go see some family!

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