Tuesday, July 1, 2014


June has been so much fun! We are having a great summer! We finished softball, kindergarten, & we have been having lots of play dates!
Piper went to Crazy Awesome Fun Camp & I got NO pictures! She had a great time. 
When we lost our papa Jack we made a trip to McAlester for the funeral. We got to see lots of family.
Mimi with her two youngest grandbabies.

Piper, Paxton, mimi, Audrey, & Michael. Just missing Landon.

Can't tell you how happy they were to see each other!

Reading the bible to Pax.

Piper & I loving the rain!
Nicole, me, & Cora are excited about Big Brother. It has to be better than last year!!!
Morning snuggles!!
and chores....
Wild man got a black eye caused by climbed all over his mommy's legs that were propped up on the coffee table which he went head first strait into the coffee table.
This guy made me breakfast one morning. He is not a cook so it was so sweet. He also put spinach in the scrambled eggs for me. :)
You make a mess aka pour your drink all over the floor you have to clean it up!
Game night! Marking off our summer to do list. I won! Piper was mad! Beau got out fast!
Next up... Playdates!!!!!!!!!!

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