Thursday, July 31, 2014

mom & the kids to Antlers...

We have been so busy this summer we didn't know when we would get to go to Antlers.... We had a few days so me & the kids took off.. As much as I get tired of driving there the view is amazing!!
You always gotta go to the deer park. :)

Paxton thinks he is so big. Don't worry it was just from one house to the other...

We talk about how Paxton is not a good eater. It makes me crazy but this boy can go to town on some chips, beans, & rice... He made such a mess.... He had beans all over. We tried to put a napkin as a bib but he kept pulling it off. He would just wipe his hands on his shirt. He has to use a fork & of course it would fall off.  Messy but way cute!!

Mimi & Piper!

We always gotta play games!!!

Because i'm all healthy & we were just ready to get back, the kids had chips for lunch. Paxton had it all over him & he was not letting go of the bag as he fell asleep.
Glad we finally got to go see some family!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MOPS girls night!

We had so much fun with just the mom's on our Bunco night for MOPS! We laughed so much, ate so much, and I loved the fellowship. I love getting to know other moms better! Great night! Thanks to all the dads who kept the kiddos!

Friday, July 25, 2014

MOPS at the Monkey House

Our MOPS group went to the Monkey House & it was fun! Couldn't keep up with Piper & Paxton didn't like it so much. I think he was just being stubborn & he was really tired. Last time he loved it! 
Daisy, Piper, & Prairie...

I love my monkeys!!

We ate some pizza!

Miss Analyn loved me because I was feeding her. :) Being a mom makes you a super multi-tasker.. Even with someone elses kids.. :)

Loving summer & loving our MOPS group!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lake Fort Smith

We had a fun day on Monday with the Oaks'. We went to Lake Fort Smith for some picnicking & swimming. We ate at the look out point that was just beautiful! 

Paxton loved all the sprayer's. Every time it would go off he would hold his hand out wondering what happened then stare at it. Piper loved the slide this year! Mason & Paxton both did some nose dives into the water.

Then we were SO hungry so we all ate at Cracker Barrell. Paxton was a mess. He stabbed the table continuously with his fork, yelled for Mason's truck the whole time which I had hidden behind me, & brushed his sister's hair with his fork. Between him & Mason we had  a pretty big mess....

Beau & Cora thought they were so cute in these Razorback chairs.... I guess they were...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new nephew!!

Landon is going to have a brother!!
Hank & Nicole are having a BOY!
We are so excited!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Slumber party fun!

A sleep over was on our summer to do list so we decided last minute to call a few friends. Piper was so excited! Beau & I thought we wouldn't get any sleep and that Paxton would keep getting woke up. He never woke up at all. The girls laid down when it was time for a movie & did great!
Daisy, Piper, Jocilin, & Prairie....with a photo bomb by dad...

Pillow fights!!!!  I so wanted to make them stop because I worry about someone getting hurt but they all were loving it so I let them. Just told them to be careful... 
Then I made them some breakfast...
Paxton had breakfast with his cow..
Then he watched his daddy mow.
First slumber party was a success. Last minute was the best. No need in putting too much thought into it which is what I tend to do... Just do it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Water fun!

We have been swimming so much this year & having so much fun! 

Also, Cora, Nicole, & the kids came over to eat & play in the water. I had so much fun & so did all the kids! Nothing like just hanging out all day with friends & family.

We put on a movie & Paxton got the animal crackers out of the pantry. He & Mason shared them then he started rubbing Mason's head. Precious boys!!