Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet Heat softball!⚾️

What a fun year in softball. Piper was moved up to coach pitch so that Beau & Chad could coach together. They also got Justin M. to coach as well so there were 5, 6 year olds. It was everyone's first time to play pitching machine & a lot of the girls first time to play ever. We did not win a game but it was amazing seeing how much they improved. Piper's hitting got so much better. She played in the outfield & I was glad. Some of those girls hit the ball so hard! She had a lot of fun & it was neat having her daddy as her coach!

Miss Jessica came to watch her play one day..
Her daddy coaching first waiting for her. SO sweet!
Mimi & Ashley got to watch Piper & Landon play. 
We loved watching Landon play this year too!
What a fun year!!! Love being a softball mom!!!!

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