Friday, June 13, 2014

School is over!

Since we had so many snow days I am pretty sure Greenwood went to school longer than anyone! By the last week they were doing fun things to make the days go by. Piper got to take her favorite book & a beach towel, they got to bring games, puzzles, & movies....
Piper Annabeth on the last day of school.
Piper worked SO hard this year. This girl read so so much along with homework & everything else. She has been interested in birds so for a reward for working so hard in school we got her this. Her daddy got to go with me as we picked her up on her last day.
She makes us way proud!
Mrs. Smith kept sending home things that made me bawl like a big baby! I'm not talking tears in my eyes, i'm talking crying!
Cannot believe kindergarten is OVER! We had the best teacher & couldn't imagine a better year. What a blessing!!!! My baby girl is moving on to 1st grade!!!!!

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