Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbye Mackenzie

Piper went to a slumber party at Mackenzie's. Mackenzie & her sister Madison had some friends over as a going away party. They had so much fun & my daughter is obviously the party animal. She stayed up til 2:30! Oh my goodness!!! They played in the water, ate pizza, watched movies, & made their hair look like Frozen. Piper had a blast!

The 1st graders! Piper, Breanna, & Mackenzie!

Mackenzie's mom told me that the girls were so giggly & that Mackenzie said they were giggly & Piper said they had gigglitest...
We are so thankful for the friend that Mackenzie was to Piper. Mackenzie came by to say goodbye & Piper was so heart-broken. She had me & her daddy in tears. We decided to pray for their family in their new adventure. I will miss hearing stories about what they did at school. These two loved each other!

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