Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fun with friends!

I love getting together & playing volleyball with friends. This was actually a while ago but I gotta post it!
Fun playdate in the Fort...
Fundraiser movie night for Lora Rice! The movie ended up messing up but we had such good fellowship!
Went to the Sugar Shack & saw Jocilin & Maddox there. The girls were SO excited!!
We got to go on a date night with Dave & Rebekah! It's been so long since we've gotten to do anything with them. We ate dinner & watched the new X-Men movie. We laugh so much with them. So fun! I have so many great memories with Rebekah!
Pax & I dropped by the Oaks' for a little swimming...

Jared & Cassen were in for a few days and me, Cora, and Cassen spent some time at Starbucks. I love these girls & loved a kid free night with Cora & I catching up with Cassen.
Then we met at Cora's so we could get the kids together & we could all visit! I am so so thankful for these friends!!!
Now... Bring on the summer play dates!!

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