Sunday, June 22, 2014

Butterfly Palace & Rainforest exihibit

This was all of our favorite thing to do in Branson. The Butterfly Palace. It had a rainforest area where we got to see all kinds of animals. It had iguanas, geckos, piranhas, cockroaches, turtles & more! 

We were trying to get Paxton to learn to eat his broccoli by watching this turtle. It was going to town on it!!

Then we went to the mirrored maze. That was so much fun! Pax & I both smacked into mirrors though.

Then there was a bungy maze that we went through.

At the top they had the butterfly room. Butterflies were flying all over. It was so neat! You could even watch them eat fruit & they had some ladybugs & little birds in their too.

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