Friday, June 20, 2014


Sunday the fam headed to Branson! Beau & I have not been since I was pregnant with Piper & we wondered why we haven't been back lately. We forgot how much we loved it!
I love when my kids sleep in the car. Makes for a peaceful trip.
We stopped at the car museum & saw Mator & McQeen!
Since it was Father's Day Beau picked out what he wanted to eat. He chose Chicago Pizza. Then we hung out at the Landing for a bit.

We LOVE the 50's diner. We listened to music while the kids danced. I couldn't believe my shy Piper was dancing. It was too cute!
We loved our condo. It was right on the lake & we got a separate room for Beau & I while the kids slept in the living room. We had a bright idea that we would just let Piper & Paxton sleep together on the couch & the first night Paxton ran back and forth & we didn't think we were going to get him to go to sleep. He finally gave it up though!!
One morning the kids woke up at 6:15! Thankfully they climbed in bed with us & we all went back to sleep. 
We loved drinking coffee & reading our bible on the patio!

More to come... You know I take too many pictures but I DON'T CARE!

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