Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kindergarten field trip. Wild Things Farm.

Paxton & I got to go on Piper's field trip with her. She was so excited about riding the bus. We went to the Wild Things Farm first. There we picked strawberries, went on a hayride, raced pigs, raced ducks, milked a cow, pet the pigs & goats, & ate strawberry ice cream. Then we went to the park in Ben Geren. There were so many schools there that it was absolutely crazy but my kids had so much fun!
Piper loved being with her friends & she loved having me & Paxton there with her. I love watching her with her sweet friends. She randomly checked on her brother too. She couldn't wait to eat the strawberry ice cream! Love my sweet, smart, kindergartener!
Paxton had fun running around. However, he was an absolute mess. He threw fits, he wouldn't stay with me. He absolutely wouldn't be still. I know that is normal for his age. When we left the Wild Things Farm it took me 5 minutes to get him seat belted in & I was sweating! I had to swat his bottom a few times too. He tried eating the popcorn off the ground, kept letting the goats lick his fingers, tried to climb in the goat pin, & did I mention him throwing fits?? He did however love having lots of attention from Piper & her classmates though. Except that the kids would want to carry him & push him like he was having trouble walking. It was too cute but I had to constantly be on his tail. At the park I wanted to sit down even for just a little bit but he wouldn't allow it. He wanted to go down the biggest slides & some of the girls took turns going down with him. If I had the choice of leaving him with someone I would take him again. I love making memories & although he keeps me on my toes. I WILL miss these days!
Brayden & Josh trying to carry Pax. Oh boy! Paxton got down & ran to me.
Brayden & Parker trying to help with Paxton. Poor Pax. Good thing he's tough!

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