Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eye update

So Tuesday Piper had her check up on her eyes. We have been praying for improvement. It went a little something like this....

Before the appointment Piper tells me she is nervous. I remind her that no matter what the results are that God has a plan. He already knows the results and He is in control. She seemed happy with that. 

They start her exam & with her weak eye she can read 3 letters! The first appointment she could not read any! She was so happy! I was so happy! 

We went back with the dr. Piper was able to read a few more letters & was still so excited. 

The dr. says she wanted more of an improvement & wants a 2nd opinion. She 
wants to refer her out. My happiness went out the window. Not Piper's. She was looking at the positive. 

So Piper is being referred out to a dr. who specializes in a weak eye. 

We got to the waiting room & Beau knew I was upset. Piper, still happy. He started asking questions....

I got in the car & the tears came. Piper was confused. She asked if they were happy tears. I told her I was very thankful that there was improvement. 

I guess I wasn't prepared for the results. Eye therapy is not easy & you don't ever want there to be anything wrong with your child.

Still I am SO grateful for improvement & I am SO grateful for a girl who worked hard and is looking at the positive. 

So on with a second opinion! And hopefully more improvement!

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