Thursday, May 15, 2014

Days with Pax

I love my days with just me & my sweet boy! He keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, & can completely destroy my house faster than i've ever seen but I am so thankful!

Shopping at Hobby Lobby
Early morning snuggles! Oh I love it!
A little book reading...
None of this stuff was here two minutes before.

Just reading some Karen Kingsbury.
He's really into lights. As soon as he wakes up he has to turn his on. He says "light". Now he climbs on his toy box to turn his on & off. When we leave the house, he wants to turn all the lights out.
A little coloring which turns into literally a little coloring & crayons all over the place.
He loves drinking out of Piper's water bottle from school. He couldn't get it out of her bag so drank it anyway.
He's really into shoes & can even put his own on.

Snuggled against me. I never want to forget these days.
He was watching tv, playing with his cars & wearing his daddies hat. It kept falling off so he kept putting it back on.
We like to go for walks.
Looked in the rearview mirror & saw him like this. So funny!
Lunch at Macalisters.
New obsession with the doorbell. He says "doorbell" over & over. He can reach it too.
He emptied his books off of his bookshelf then climbed in his toybox & emptied it.
And Oh goodness! What a climber he is! NOTHING is unclimbable for him!!

Paxton WEARS ME OUT!!!  I love him so much! His sister was not wild like him. My struggles with Piper was that she had a temper, is the strongest willed kid I know. She can be a little dramatic & likes to make a big deal out of nothing. She would not destroy the house like this though. They are both just perfect & I wouldn't change a thing about either of them. Enjoying my days at home with Pax even though we miss sister when she is at school. 

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