Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bat show, snakes, an alligator, waterfalls, aquarium, & the park

The first night we heard there would be a bat show.  We were excited to see some bats... NOPE. Just a guy talking about bats. It was really neat hearing about them though. Piper seemed really interested & Landon was spotting deer in the woods. Paxton kept throwing his cup down & yelling "uh oh" & of course running around like a wild child!
On the way back Hank grabbed us some more fire wood. :)lol!
Got to see fish & snakes.

They had two snake wranglers show us different snakes & an alligator. The two guys were from Greenwood & Fort Smith. Paxton fell asleep bc he had no nap & Landon & Piper got to hold the gator & pet an indigo snake. Piper was so cute holding the gator. I just can't stop thinking about how interested she looked & the sweet face she was making. She got to hold it for a while to because the guy got to talking.
This is a coon tail rattle snake. They decided if I was a snake this would be me. This snake doesn't really give you a chance before he strikes at ya. Thanks guys!
This is the velvet tail rattle snake. This one was Beau. It's basically like "i'll give you a chance but if you mess with me, i'll get ya." lol
Nicole was the pig nose snake because they aren't very smart & they won't strike at you. lol!
Piper liked the indigo snake because it was pretty & not poisonous. 
We had fun at the park!
Then checked out some more views! & skipped some rocks!

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