Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Around camp Ames/Baker

We had so much fun camping with my brother & his family. We had a little rain the first night. There was a little chill which made it perfect to sit by the fire. I worried about Paxton because he is not use to going to bed without being just put in his crib. We wore him out though that he just laid down & went to sleep. Love that he is so easy going like that. The first night I kept waking up to cover him up. He slept with his sister on the air mattress in between me & Beau. It was so sweet seeing them sleep together. In the middle of the night I check on him & I see him crawling on his sister's pillow trying to get to me. I got to sleep the rest of the night snuggle up with my boy. I slept better because I knew he wouldn't be cold.
We ate s'mores & all kinds of other junk. It was awesome!
The kids had so much fun just hanging around camp.
Pax's first camping trip! My little outdoorsman LOVED it!

The next morning Paxton was playing on the concrete. He fell back & busted his head open. I thought I was going to get sick. He hit rocks in two different places but we could tell it wasn't bad enough that he needed stitches. This boy is so tough. He cried a few minutes. You could tell it hurt. Then he went back to playing.

Doesn't get much sweeter than this!

They couldn't wait to wake their daddy up the next morning!

Fun times at camp! I took way too many pictures so more is coming. Love making memories with my family!

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