Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Awesomeness!

I usually don't put these two in the tub together but sometimes you just need to hurry.
I was trying to go through summer & winter clothes. The kids weren't much help. ;)
Paxton LOVES his cars! Plays with them all the time. Pushes them around & makes car noises. SO cute!
He LOVES running around naked!
Reading to brother...
Hello! He also loves talking on the phone.
My sweet friend Cora surprised me one night & brought me dinner! Love her!
My mother in law always seems to get Piper rolos. Piper says she must know I love them.
He kept wanting my headband on!
Got this picture from Gary Don when he & Beau ate lunch together. I told him I didn't know who he was eating with but he sure is a hotty!
Oh Pax, always helping.
Yep, trying to wash dishes... This is how it goes.
Piper wanted to paint my nails. Of course sweet girl!
Paxton has been really good at blowing his nose for a long time now. He will also blow it in his hand right beside me because he knows I think it's gross.
Daddy love!
One night at the storm shelter! UGH! Fun being together though.

Oh this cute boy & his cute faces!
We like to brush our teeth.
Beau & I were in town one Monday & it was past Paxton's nap time. He kept saying night night. He does this a lot.When he is ready for bed, he will say night night. Love it!
One day Piper tells me that she was a tom girl. She said she likes mud & making mud pies & stuff. I told her that she likes mud until she touches it. She said, "well, that's true & i've never really made a mud pie before." It was funny! We decided she's like her mommy & in between. We like to dress up but we also like sports and things too.
This was a fun night with daddy at McDonald's!
Paxton getting into cupcakes!
Another trip to the storm shelter...
We had a womans conference with Rachel Lovingood at church. 
Piper finished her 1st big book. I wish I knew what level this book was. She reads books for AR testing at school everyday so we are so proud that she still made time to finish this even if it took 3 months. She was so proud! 

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