Friday, May 16, 2014


Before we went to Antlers, I took the kids to the park while we waited on Beau to get home. Paxton stepped in an ant hill & had tons of bites. I threw him in a mud puddle & started knocking the ants off. On one foot he had over 25 bites. We discovered that he is obviously not allergic like his sister was.. Thankfully!

The first night Pax DID NOT sleep well. We finally put him in bed with us then we DID NOT sleep well. I don't sleep with my kids. He would put his head on me some & that was so sweet. Then he ended up completely sideways.

Before this nap he was throwing a fit. He seriously just kept throwing himself on the ground. Then he climbed up on his daddy & went to sleep.

Then Beau & I dozed off in the recliner & mom took this sweet picture.

I may be a little spoiled. Uncle Danny said if I wanted hamburgers then we were having hamburgers! :)

Ashley took Piper to a My Little Pony party. She had so much fun! Piper loves my cousin Ashley!
Look at her still wanting to dress up. I love this princess!

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