Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another kindergarten post

I forgot to post this on the last post. The 3rd 9 weeks Piper got the penmanship award. She really does have great penmanship.

Piper got to dress like a rock star & she was rockin it!
Beau loves taking Piper to school on Mondays!
Piper & her friend Mackenzie wrote the sweetest letters to each other. They are precious! 
Daisy brought her dog for show and tell.
Piper & Mackenzie went up to 2nd grade books on their bag books. I was so proud but it is definitely more challenging. She still did awesome & she works so hard. One week her book was 48 pages long! Not to mention her AR book which is a 1.5 level. She is the highest she can go on the AR bookshelf.
One week was Relay for life week. Piper represented our sooners, had pink hair, wore sunglasses, & wore purple. We did it in honor of Grandma Baker & Grandpa Dillishaw. Miss them two SO much!

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