Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another kindergarten post

I forgot to post this on the last post. The 3rd 9 weeks Piper got the penmanship award. She really does have great penmanship.

Piper got to dress like a rock star & she was rockin it!
Beau loves taking Piper to school on Mondays!
Piper & her friend Mackenzie wrote the sweetest letters to each other. They are precious! 
Daisy brought her dog for show and tell.
Piper & Mackenzie went up to 2nd grade books on their bag books. I was so proud but it is definitely more challenging. She still did awesome & she works so hard. One week her book was 48 pages long! Not to mention her AR book which is a 1.5 level. She is the highest she can go on the AR bookshelf.
One week was Relay for life week. Piper represented our sooners, had pink hair, wore sunglasses, & wore purple. We did it in honor of Grandma Baker & Grandpa Dillishaw. Miss them two SO much!

Friday, May 30, 2014

2013-'14 second semester of MOPS

MOPS is over!
Melissa Jones showed us ways to decorate cookies & cupcakes.
 We had a photo day where we dressed up with photo ops. So fun!
 I was so excited that Beau's cousin Karen came & spoke to us on fitness day!
 Then my friend Jessica lead us in Zumba. She's got some moves!

Bethany came from Shop Persnickety & spoke on fashion. Then we played a fun game where we had to find what was missing in each group.
Our last meeting we played Bunco! Lot's of fun! I loved being on the steering team & I love my MOPS group!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eye update

So Tuesday Piper had her check up on her eyes. We have been praying for improvement. It went a little something like this....

Before the appointment Piper tells me she is nervous. I remind her that no matter what the results are that God has a plan. He already knows the results and He is in control. She seemed happy with that. 

They start her exam & with her weak eye she can read 3 letters! The first appointment she could not read any! She was so happy! I was so happy! 

We went back with the dr. Piper was able to read a few more letters & was still so excited. 

The dr. says she wanted more of an improvement & wants a 2nd opinion. She 
wants to refer her out. My happiness went out the window. Not Piper's. She was looking at the positive. 

So Piper is being referred out to a dr. who specializes in a weak eye. 

We got to the waiting room & Beau knew I was upset. Piper, still happy. He started asking questions....

I got in the car & the tears came. Piper was confused. She asked if they were happy tears. I told her I was very thankful that there was improvement. 

I guess I wasn't prepared for the results. Eye therapy is not easy & you don't ever want there to be anything wrong with your child.

Still I am SO grateful for improvement & I am SO grateful for a girl who worked hard and is looking at the positive. 

So on with a second opinion! And hopefully more improvement!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Natural's game

Last Sunday we headed to NW AR for some shopping at the Promenade & the Natural's game with friends.
Every time we come here Piper wishes she could paint this horse. Me & her daddy have no doubt she would do a fantastic job!
We played at the bounce around's, playground, & rode the train with Cora, Mason, & Mackenzie. Love watching these sweet kids together!

Those little blonde hair, blue eyed beauties!

We sat on the front row & Chad, Jessica, & their kids were two rows behind us. We all decided to go to the back of the field so we wouldn't have to worry about fly balls. Before we left we did get a ball though!

After the game the kids got to run the bases!

They had one of the best fire work shows!! Amazing!! We were so surprised!

We had so much fun with the Farris' & the Oaks'!! The Natural's also won! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

Piper & I started out our Memorial day weekend with pedicures! She was SO excited!!
After we put Pax to bed we watched "Mercy Rule". Great family movie!
We were so lazy Saturday! It was nice! Then we played outside, ate dinner with my brother & Nicole. 

We put the kids to bed & Beau & I played a best out of 3 in badminton. 
Sunday we had a picnic with friends at the park.... At one time Paxton & Elisha were just throwing dirt on each other.
Then we watched Beau play some ultimate frisbee...
Paxton & Myles got dirtier.
..& he was ready for a bath!
We had the Meeker's & Hindman's over for badminton, hamburgers, & ice cream. 
Piper loves Rebel! Rebel was so good helping Piper play & teaching her.
Thankful for the Freedom to get to have such great weekends with my family & friends!!
.....There was also the Naturals game!