Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend in review

Friday while at the marriage conference Nicole kept my kids & they ended up staying the night. That is a first away from us except with my mom. The conference didn't end till 11 though so it was late when we got home!
They had lots of fun!

Saturday I helped with Lora Rice day at the square. Remember to keep praying for Lora! There was a great amount of money raised that day for her medical bills. AMAZING!
Beau & the kids came up too.
Our friend Rebel did the "pie or pardon" & her husband did the honors of rubbing the pie in her face.
I got to help with the bake potato & hot dog bar. I became a pro & smashing potato's. :)
Lisa & I

Then my mom, uncle danny, aunt Jane, Ashley, & Kamyn surprised us & showed up at our house. We had been going all weekend & my house was a wreck! My family knew I was going to freak out about it. I made the decision to not worry & enjoy my family because they did not care that it was dirty. 

We had a great time & ate a lot. It was great visiting them.
We were so tired sunday that Paxton slept til almost 6. Piper & I were snuggled up on the couch & she kept dozing off on my shoulder. She went to the book shelf, took her glasses off, & set her book down. She came back & fell asleep on me. 
I woke both of theses sleepy head up at 10 til 6 & we thought they were going to have such a hard time going back to sleep. 
We were wrong! At 8 they were still ready for bed. It was a great exhausting weekend!

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