Friday, April 4, 2014

Stinkin varmints!!!

We have had a critter in our house since December. It is only heard in Piper's room. We thought it might just die in the walls. She just got to where she would ignore it & she named it scratchy. 
Well we were outside & I see a squirrel on the roof poking it's head in some tin at the top. I told beau & we figured that must have been where it got in. At this point we had decided it must be going in & out but we had no idea where. We climbed up & found where it had been. We closed it up & the squirrel has been on the roof since. It goes where we closed it up & tries to get in. Piper didn't hear scratchy all night. This morning we heard the squirrel & saw the one on the roof. That means there were 2! Now we still have one in the walls!
And even right now the other is still on the roof trying to get back in. She's a fatty too!
And the stinkin thing is chewing the wood we used to cover it! Makes me think it's a baby in there.

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