Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break fun!

We headed to Northwest AR for some family fun on Saturday. 
We ate ate Beau's favorite.... Red Robin.... YUMMMMM!
 Pax cramming that mouth! This time with fruit.
 Piper & I did some ice skating. We had so much fun! Beau didn't want any part in it. Piper fell several times & she would get mad. Reminds me of me. I expect to be able to do things perfectly & get mad if I can't. You could tell she got better & better. It was a first time for both of us. She got to where she didn't have to hold my hand.

 Note: Piper's 2nd day of wearing glasses, we left them at home...... #fail
 Then we did some swimming! The water was SO cold! Piper wasn't quite tall enough to slide. 
 We had Paxton standing at about his waist & he was bent over splashing like he does in the tub & went forward. Of course I picked him up but he was ready for more. Beau kept taking him underneath this waterfall & he loved it! He would laugh so hard!

 Fun day with my people. We ate some mexican then headed home. Both kids were out on the way home. Worn out!


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