Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Pax just relaxing on his daddy.
He LOVES to climb in his toy box. Now he finally knows how to climb back out. He use to just yell "help" until we came to get him.
 Paxton spilled my sweet tea then drank it off the table. He thought it was funny of course.

My new Easter wreath.
Beau & I went on a date! Jessica watched the kiddos. We ate & went to watch "Non Stop".

Tearing stuff up & taking out all the wipes. All within 2 minutes. Typical.
He LOVES to sweep with me. Now he has been banging the dust pan in the trash. Smart boy.
I absolutely LOVE before bedtime reading with Piper. Eating our popcorn. 
We also love walks with Beau & Holly.
This is how me & Piper prepare for a 5k! She's killin me!
Beau saved Piper some sour patch kids. She was so excited! He wrote "for my princess Piper".
 We babysat Myles one day. Sweet boys! When Piper got home she read her AR book to the boys.

He has his cars all over the place & drives them making car noises. It's so cute!
Just for fun! Everyone says Paxton looks like Beau & Piper looks like me.
I will be sad when she doesn't do this anymore. Coloring with her ponies.
We met Pete & Kathleen at Calico County one night. Piper loves talking with Kathleen & of course Paxton loves Pete!

 Piper & I got out in the rain for  a little shopping & then bowling for Caden's birthday party!
 My little buddy sitting on my lap with that wild hair eating popcorn with me. 
Paxton: "I have a tattoo, a mohawk, & a hulk shirt. You probably shouldn't mess with me."

 These 2 were just walking around in the neighborhood one day.
 Sullivan & Paxton at church.
 Made green eggs, bacon, green pancakes, bananas, & green milk for breakfast on St. Patrick's day.
 Beau & Pax 
 Landon had his musical at school. So cute! Weeds rule!
Pax wasn't feeling well one night. He was teething. I picked him up from his bed, he pointed to the door & said "dada." We were just watching a movie so we took turns getting love from him. Love these moments.
Piper went to the Monkey House with kids church & had tons of fun! Ms. Jessica sent me these pictures!
Paxton loves the McBride's in the nursery!
 My friend Jacque got an iphone. Cora & I had a funny conversation with her!
 His surprised face!
 Paxton thinks he's big stuff on sister's bed. I'm sure by the way Piper is standing they were watching the chipmunks. Little sassy girl!

To add to an awesome month.... I am going to be an aunt again!!!
My brother, Nicole, & Landon will be welcoming a new baby in November!!


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