Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love Worth Fighting For marriage conference

In January I snagged up some VIP tickets to see Kirk Cameron at a marriage conference. We were not disappointed. We were on the FRONT ROW & got to sit through a Q&A which was amazing! We didn't ask any questions but it was neat hearing the questions & answers. 
It was crazy actually seeing (Mike Seaver) in person. Loved him on Growing Pains but so excited that he is living for the Lord & is getting the word out about biblical marriage. You can see that he loves God & he loves his wife!

We also got to meet him & get his autograph. He didn't have time to get pictures because it was almost time for the event to start. So Jacque & I took pictures for each other of course. I didn't know what to say... I just said thank you... I think.... 
(Beau stayed back & saved our seats. He wasn't as excited about meeting him as I was.)
Warren Barfield was amazing! Beau & I loved his voice & he had everyone laughing the whole time. He is also very passionate about marriage & fighting for it. He told about situations he went through & how he & his wife told each other they were there to fight. For eachother.

Kirk first had to break the girls of their Seaver Fever. This was awesome & he did a scene from Growing Pains. He gave all the guys on the front row a high five. So Beau & Aaron got to be in on that. 
BTW how is it possible that it has been 22 years that Growing Pains has been off the air. My mind is blown. Seems like it should just be about 10 years which explains how fast my life is flying by.
Us with Warren. (He's tall!!!)
Jacque & I were a little excited about getting Kirk's autograph.
His shirt says "My wife rocks". Love it! Beau & I got shirts!
There was a time that Kirk looked right at Beau & said "when you put your arm around your wife, she feels safe." Beau knew he was looking at him. It was awesome! He spoke a lot to the men on honoring your wife. He spoke on how God created marriage & says that our marriage is worth fighting for. 
It was AMAZING!!
"Everyone fights for something. Fight for your marriage."

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