Monday, April 28, 2014

Lora Rice 5k

Saturday morning we headed to bell park for Lora Rice's 5K.  We got the kids some donuts & they were ready to cheer me on. This was seriously one of the toughest races I have ran. It was mostly up hill. Toward the end I almost threw up. I had to stop (and let someone pass me) in the last mile because I really did think I was going to get sick. Then when I crossed the finish line I headed to the trees because I didn't want to get sick in front of people. I made it though. I was 4th overall (because two men in front of me passed the place where they were suppose to turn & I let a girl pass me at the end so I didn't throw up in front of her). I would have been 5th. My time was 29:32. There were about 30 people in the race & I got 1st in my age group.
Me, Marca, & Amanda


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