Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Children's choir lock-in...

I told Trisha I would help at the lock-in. Piper was SO excited so we were ready to party hard!
Piper got partnered with ms. Kayla Barbry. She is PRECIOUS & so good with Piper. 
They played lots of games & even found eggs in the dark & played hide & seek with flash lights.
These two boys hid in a trash can & they were there FOREVER! Well, until they couldn't feel their feet anymore. 
These 4 were under the sink & also never got found. This was so funny & the poor kids were just sweating. We kept checking on them though to make sure they were okay.
Yep, mama had to play a game to. It doesn't matter who won (we did). lol!
Sweet Joslyn & Piper! Piper went to sleep right when the movie started. Poor baby isn't use to staying up late.

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