Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What a week for Piper Annabeth!

We started last Monday with a visit to the dentist. I love getting to visit some of my old co-workers & Piper was not scared at all about getting her teeth cleaned. Everyone made fun of me again for waiting so long to get Piper back in. It's only been a year & a half. ;) So they made her next apt for me. Even though I am bad about getting her in she still has no cavities!!! YAY! Dr. Tim also said her top two front teeth are getting loose. YIKES!
Glad we surprised Piper with the movie Frozen...
...because then the bad news came....
We got a letter from the school saying Piper had failed her eye test & we needed to make an appointment to get her eyes checked. Piper just cried. Then I cried. I convinced her it wasn't a big deal & then she was okay.
We made her an appointment & she had to have her eyes dilated. She was so good through it. She apparently has one really good eye & one really bad eye. They covered her good eye, had a huge E on the wall & Piper couldn't read it. It scared me. The dr. said we would have to do eye therapy for 6 weeks & had to order her some glasses. Piper was excited about her glasses because she got some with purple frames that looked like Jannette from the chipmunks. She picked out a pink patch for her eye therapy. Praying everyday that we can strengthen that right eye.
The dr. couldn't believe that Piper didn't have an eye that turned in or out because that is usually a symptom of a weak eye. Piper also reads well & never acted like she had an issue with seeing. The dr. said it was because she used that good eye. She was very impressed with the screening that the school had because they caught this.
 Her cool shades since her eyes were dilated. Her eyes were huge!
She's all smiles but it hasn't been that way. We are praying for our Piper. We will be doing at least 6 weeks of therapy & pray that eye strengthens.
She looks just precious!


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