Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Red, White, & Blue color run 5K

The republican woman's group of Van Buren held a red, white, & blue color run. Piper had been wanting to do a color run so I signed us up. 
 Piper immediately started throwing the powder. 

 Whitney ran with us too!
 Piper rocked this race! She ran most of it. We just went really slow & she was only on my back for about 40 seconds. She loved them throwing powder until someone threw a big chunk in her ear. She screamed & her ear hurt. She kept running though & we cleaned it out when we got home.
When we started running Piper told me that it was the happiest she has ever been running. This girl is awesome!

 Wish I would have gotten a picture of our biggest fans, Beau & Paxton. So thankful for their support!
Piper & I finished the race in a whopping 45 minutes. It was worth not running for a good time though with as much fun as she had. 
My first 5K of 2014!
After the 5K Piper & I was so tired. I told her I was going to lay down. She asked where & I told her on the couch. Before I could get there she was on the couch & we napped together. I love her so much & I love making memories with this precious girl!


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