Monday, March 24, 2014

Paxton is 1 1/2

My handsome man is 1 1/2! 
He's really in to fake laughing. It is so funny! He loves attention! He also likes to fake sneeze. He is also really good at blowing his nose.
We are still rear facing him in the car & he is not the best car rider.
Pax loves to wear hats.
He is eating vegetables SO much better. What has helped was that we feed it to him or stick it on a fork so he can feed himself. He doesn't like touching it we think. It has made life SO much better & I am not as stressed. Praise the Lord! 
He says: mommy, dada, sissy, Piper, Paxton, eat, nana (banana), go, cup, thank you, love you, yes, no, cracker, school, help, mimi, amen, phone, night night, home, yes ma'am, teeth (to brush his teeth), amen (after we pray), noun (down) up, home, & he will repeat EVERYTHING!
He says "that" when he wants something & will say it over & over & over.
He can make the sounds of: duck, dog, cat, monkey, & train.
He loves playing cars! He will drive them around & make car noises & of course runs them off of things.
He loves playing football. He will get down & put the ball on the ground & say "hut".
He's still all business when it comes to his cup. When he wakes up he says "cup" over & over & doesn't move until it's empty.
Cooking dinner is so hard for his mommy. He is literally at my feet the whole time. I try & distract him but it only works a few minutes. He will literally destroy something & as I am fixing it he has already destroyed something else. Sometimes I ask, "is this for real?" I complain about it a lot but I do know that I really will miss these days!
Paxton likes to vacuum with me & sweep with me. When I sweep he has the mops out & usually has them laying in the floor when he is done.
Playing hard.
Beau called Paxton a Texas tornado. I don't know of  a more perfect word for him. He is the wildest kid we know but his sweetness & joy makes up for all of it. 
He loves to dance. He snaps his fingers. He really loves being outside! He could stay outside all day long!
He's still a daddy's boy! 
He will go to any man. It's a little embarrassing. 
His sister takes good care of him! She is the best.
When it's time for bed or nap he puts his head on you to give you lovins'. He gives us all a kiss, says "love you" which sounds more like "yud you", & he says "night night." We always give him his monkey & he says "ooh ooh ah ah". (like a monkey)
We love this smart, happy boy!

Paxton got 3 shots at his apt.
He was 31 in (25 %)
25 1/2 lbs (47%)
I'm tellin ya, he looks bigger than that but I'm pretty sure it's because of that head of his.
He is perfect!

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