Friday, March 28, 2014

Monkey House fun!

We went to the Monkey House to celebrate Brayden's birthday. He is such a sweet boy! My kids had so much fun & this was the first time Paxton got to run around crazy & I don't think i've ever seen him smile so much! Piper helped Paxton in the bounce arounds like the awesome big sister that she is. Paxton really loved all the big ones. He got to the biggest slide & climbed the stairs all by himself.

 Hayes & Piper

 Brayden was so sweet with Paxton & kept wanting to play ball with him.
 Piper had her arm around Paxton so he wouldn't fall. She really does take care of her brother.

 Piper & Brayden
This was one of our favorite times at the Monkey House. Beau & I played with the kids. They smiled the whole time we were there.

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