Monday, March 3, 2014


Losing his pants

Big helpers making brownies.
He loves loving on his stuffed animals.
We babysat for Cora one night. We LOVE Mackenzie & Mason. Although they are great kids, made us thankful we only had two instead of four. Piper & Paxton loved having them. 
Pax & I love MOPS! I make him wear his own backpack since it has a razorback on it. :)

We didn't want aunt Liz to be sad for Valentine's day so we took her a Valentine present. We miss uncle Bob & we know she does!
Pepaw & Pax!
Cute little cowboy & cowgirl
Another game night in Antlers!
Paxton loves some chips at La Fiesta!
We've had some BEAUTIFUL weather!
Piper buried some acorns & drew an acorn in the sand over it. She said she didn't want the squirrel's to go without in the winter. We stopped the house cleaning after school & enjoyed the weather!
 Paxton LOVES mashed potatoes & sometimes he will surprise me & eat his green beans good!
He is so funny! He thinks it's hilarious that he has two hats on.
 We have had something in our attic since February. We have no idea what it is. It stays above Piper's room & we randomly hear it. We saw this on our roof & wondered if this was it. We have NO idea how it is getting in!
When I got back from being gone all weekend from Disciple Now my kids really missed me. I left them notes when I left & I had one from Piper on my bed when I got home. Piper literally stayed by my side & Paxton ran around all crazy excited all day. We relaxed & watched some RIO.
 Piper likes Pepsi! Just like her mama & mimi! Don't worry, this is her first time to have it & she didn't even drink all that was in her cup.
Together these two could take over the world! Paxton & Analyn

 This boys smile! He is so much fun!
 At Piper's book fair I wanted her to get a book she could read. She wanted a lalaloopsy book that had all the information about them & you can check the ones you have. She will remember loving these things forever!
Have I mentioned how wild this boy is?? He won't leave me alone! 
 We babysat Beau for a few hours one day. He is SO sweet. He & Paxton are good friends. ;)
They are the sweetest!

 My awesome nephew Landon turned 7!!!!
Finished with a family night out on the town. Eating pizza & shopping for bathroom decor. 
February was FANTASTIC! 

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