Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bell Park with friends

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for friends who like to include me in playdates??? I am very grateful!!
This day some of us girls went to Bell Park to visit & let the kids play. There were 10 kids (9 in the picture) & 4 that weren't there. Loads of fun!
Beau, Piper, Marin, Paul, Paxton, Tatum, Tinley, Zoie, & Kypton. Jacie refused the picture.
 Lindsay, me, Nicole, Erin, Cora, Holly, Hayle, & Jacque.
 Beau & Paxton. These two are too cute! 

We survived ants, babies eating cigarettes & gum wrappers (Beau), & babies running off to strangers (Paxton). Great fellowship with some sweet friends!

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