Monday, March 31, 2014

A few lazy spring break days in Antlers...

Me & the kids headed to Antlers for 4 nights during spring break. We pretty much did nothing & was watched Kamyn a few days. So good seeing family!
We went to the park, we ate lunch at mimi's work one day, & went to the track to blow bubbles. Oh & ate ice cream every night.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bell Park with friends

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for friends who like to include me in playdates??? I am very grateful!!
This day some of us girls went to Bell Park to visit & let the kids play. There were 10 kids (9 in the picture) & 4 that weren't there. Loads of fun!
Beau, Piper, Marin, Paul, Paxton, Tatum, Tinley, Zoie, & Kypton. Jacie refused the picture.
 Lindsay, me, Nicole, Erin, Cora, Holly, Hayle, & Jacque.
 Beau & Paxton. These two are too cute! 

We survived ants, babies eating cigarettes & gum wrappers (Beau), & babies running off to strangers (Paxton). Great fellowship with some sweet friends!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunday fun day!

Piper & I matching with our spring leggings! She is rockin them!
 After church & naps we headed to the fort for food & bowling. 
 Of course there were tears. Paxton's heart gets broken so easy. Usually when he doesn't get his way.
 Then we went bowling. Oh & who's idea was it to go bowling with a wild 18 month old??? I don't know but it wasn't the best idea. He was climbing on top of the balls. He threw the balls out (I was thankful he didn't drop any on his toes). He is strong! He kept pushing the reset button, he threw fits, & went into other lanes. Oh my!
 We still had a great time though & Piper got a strike!
 Thought it was funny that Beau & I tied! Of course we had to play again though. I won't tell who won (me).
When we were eating at Chili's, Piper thanked us for taking her to eat & just spending time as a family. I love these 3 so much. Thankful for this day with them.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Monkey House fun!

We went to the Monkey House to celebrate Brayden's birthday. He is such a sweet boy! My kids had so much fun & this was the first time Paxton got to run around crazy & I don't think i've ever seen him smile so much! Piper helped Paxton in the bounce arounds like the awesome big sister that she is. Paxton really loved all the big ones. He got to the biggest slide & climbed the stairs all by himself.

 Hayes & Piper

 Brayden was so sweet with Paxton & kept wanting to play ball with him.
 Piper had her arm around Paxton so he wouldn't fall. She really does take care of her brother.

 Piper & Brayden
This was one of our favorite times at the Monkey House. Beau & I played with the kids. They smiled the whole time we were there.