Saturday, February 1, 2014


January started out sweet! Sooners beat Alabama in the Sugar bowl 45-31. I love that my sooners were never intimidated by the "mighty SEC" or indestructible Alabama. The media never gave Oklahoma a chance. They didn't quit talking about the SEC. HA! Big game Bob never gave up & coached an unbelievable game!
Piper has really gotten in to playing Mario on the wii.
At the ROC coloring with Addison E.
Strait up sweetness!
Kamyn Lee turned 3!!
 Keep the pens & pencils put up! This boy will write on everything! He knows how pens work too.
 Piper is reading her first big book. She wants to read like her mommy. I am so proud of her for doing this. All her idea too. She's reading "Saige".
 Me & Pax went to a play date at Ashley Hardcastle's & it wore him out.
 Family movie night. "Despicable Me 2". Cute movie. Good memories. This is one of Piper's most favorite things to do. Paxton snatched a taquito off Piper's plate & went to town on it.
Piper & I had a mommy daughter day! Shopping & Taco Bueno! Love her so much!
 We celebrated Jennifer's 30th birthday!
 Had a game night with Hank & Nicole. Holly & Beau came by too!
 Oh just straightening my hair like mom.
 MLK Jr. day Piper didn't have school & it was a BEAUTIFUL day! We shopped, ate at our fav. (Market Place), & played at the park. Perfect day!
I am really into snapchat!
Some of my favorite Snap chatters!
 Piper went to The Hester's with the Farris' one night. We didn't go because we weren't ready to get Pax out & around other kids since he is still recovering. Beau & I had a movie & game night.

 We had fun at the Monkey House for Zoie & Tinlee's birthday parties.

 Daisy came over to play after school one day. Sweet friends!
 I was having a terrible morning one day. I won't go into the details. My sweet friend Ashley Hardcastle brought me breakfast & coffee & left it at my door. MADE MY DAY!
All this boy wants to do is SNACK!! UGH!!!!!
 After 10 more days of breathing treatments & antibiotics WE ARE DONE! Pax had his check up yesterday. His lungs are clear & his ears look good. THANK GOD! 


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